Ojas 12 Inch Chimera Eco Friendly Ganpati Clay Idol Mati Ganesh Statue with Seeds That Turn into a Flowering Plant (Color: White)



Bring joy, happiness, positive energy and success into your home with these eco-friendly Ganpati idols.

✅ Idol Height: 12 Inches

✅ Truly eco-friendly Ganpati idol, made from riverside mitti that turns into a flowering plant post visarjan (immersion)

✅ Dissolves 100% into water after immersion. Visarjan (immersion) can be done at home in pot and see the idol growing in the form of a plant

✅ Contains seeds of a flowering plant and made purely and only using natural colors that are 100% eco-friendly and safe

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This Ganesh Chaturthi Go Green, Be the Change.

Green Ganesha, an initiative towards a greener future. Ganesh Chaturthi is an auspicious and big festival in India. We welcome our favorite Lord with joy and devotion. Green Ganesha initiative is a balance between our faith and sustainable living.

Chimera’s eco-friendly mitti ke Ganpati idols turn into a flowering plant post visarjan (immersion). Chimera’s idols are beautiful and made purely from riverside mitti using 100% eco-friendly and safe colors. These idols contain seeds of a flowering plant and dissolve completely into the water after immersion (visarjan) turning this idol into a beautiful plant. All you need to do is perform visarjan at home in a flower pot and see the idol growing in the form of a plant. Let’s do it the way nature wants, let’s worship our lord and have their blessings with us forever!

Let’s pledge to be responsible towards the environment

Let’s start small

Let’s Be The Change

Save Marine Life

STOP using POP statues


This Chaturthi get an eco-friendly Ganpati idol that turns into a plant.


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