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Hi Rashmi...Ganesh utsav is round the bend and I am reminded of the beautiful Green Ganeshas made by you and your artisans. What a beautiful way to blend religion, spirituality and environmental consciousness. After all Ganpati is the lord of prosperity and HE PRESERVES. The seed within your Ganesha and His eco friendly texture is in complete sync of ALL THAT VINAYAK STANDS FOR!! WAITING FOR HIS ARRIVAL THIS YEAR ALSO🙏🙏
Shubha Swami
Colaba, Mumbai
A wonderful experience having green Ganpati bappa at my place. Everything was so perfect. Murti arrived on time, beautiful, serene, a very happy feeling on seeing him. But the best thing, he stays with us, we can see him growing right in front of our eyes, in our garden. I loved the concept. Ganpati bappa morya!
Archana Kayal
Bandra, Mumbai
I can’t thank enough Ms. Rashmi Gupta who introduced the concept of Green Ganesha in Indore. This year(2019) would be my 4th consecutive year with her because Creating idols which could turn into plants and bloom like flowers is not anyones’ cup of tea. I have purchased Ganesha Idol from many local vendors quoting that its a mitti ganesh murti and will dissolve in bucket in one day, but unfortunately one of my idol just left colours in the bucket and idol remained as it is!(I literally felt like crying to get my ganesha out of that bucket after 5 days, wrap it out again n give it for visarjan in such a way) That Day I decided to spent a little more and Get a idol which could actually dissolve on it own and turn out to something good & I am glad i found her! Guys, trust me u should definitely opt for “Chimera’s-Green Ganesha idols” which will be with you for the entire year in your earthen pots, blessing you constantly and everytime u will look at it, you will say to yourself-this was my ganesha!! It speaks to the soul❤
Manisha Tolani

We are making eco-friendly Green Ganesha idols for 4 years now. We thank you all for showering your love and support towards this Green Ganesha initiative. Shop for your favourite Green Ganesha idol and be the change maker.

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